What we offer

No matter what you wish to do with your horse…

understand that:

the way your horse feels about you,

the time you spend together,

and how he feels about himself when he is with you,

could be the key to success in your journey.

Human Horse Sensing ten session online course (available in Italian and English)

A course designed to teach the elements of horse training.  It is accomplished by learning how horses relate with other individuals and applying it while working with them in any circumstance.  Classes are limited to 14 participants that meet for 10 one hour sessions held online or onsite.  Unlike other forms of e-learning, this online course offers a high level of interaction between students and with the instructor.  The teacher is constantly available during the entire duration of the course, available to answer any questions raised by the students.  The group course is attended simultaneously by all students, enhancing students sharing and participatory experience.  All lessons are audiovisual.  For dates, or to book a course you may email us at HHSensing@icloud.com or contact us by phone.  The registration is considered complete after we receive your payment, which is $800 for the entire course.

The outline for the course is as follows:

  • 1) Introduction
  • 2) A model for horsemanship
  • 3) Behavior as the complete expression of an individual
  • 4) Freedom in horsemanship
  • 5) The learning process
  • 6) Leadership
  • 7) The use of senses in horsemanship
  • 8) The elements of communication
  • 9) Variable social values in horsemanship
  • 10) Practical applications of Human Horse Sensing

Horse Training

This format of horse training can be for any desired purpose, target existing problems, or serve as an introductory experience to sample our training methods.Fees are discussed on an individual basis.  For inquiries about training and coaching, please contact us by phone or send an email to: HHSensing@icloud.com

HH Sensing Presentations

If you are putting on a large horse event, and would like to include an HH Sensing presentation, we provide brief presentations that can last between 15 minutes to one hour. 

Horsemanship with young horses

This course is intended to help owners who have young horses in starting their relationship with human beings in the best possible way.  These young horses will be our riding partners in a not so far future, and their mind is very important for this purpose, so taking care of having a good communication when they are still young is a great head start.  Fees are discussed on an individual basis.For inquiries about this course, please send an email to: HHSensing@icloud.com

Horsemanship and Riding Lessons

Individual and group programs tailored to your needs and available on request for adults and for children.Fees are discussed on an individual basis.  For inquiries about lessons, please contact us by phone or send an email to: HHSensing@icloud.com

HH Sensing Clinics

Anyone who wishes to host a clinic in either a public or private setting, should contact us to schedule it.  Clinics normally lasts two to three days, designed to teach the HH Sensing approach to communication between human and horse.  Participation does not require you to bring your own horse, but this is an option.  The clinics generally follow the outline of the online course above.  Fees are discussed on an individual basis.  

Horse Starting/Training

Starting a horse is the most important step in horsemanship, regardless of the age of the horse or the human being.  We begin by interacting spontaneously at liberty.  Horses learn how to be in the same space with human beings, how to be approached, to stand for grooming, to behave properly around food, to follow our lead and to work with us without and with a halter and rope.  Then we introduce the horse to tack and ground work, where horses learn to accept the contact with lines through a halter and to respond to gait and speed cues and stop upon request.  The purpose of our approach is building a foundation for discipline specific training and is designed to teach a horse to be under saddle with confidence and without resistance.

Horse Retraining

It has been well demonstrated that trained horses, are capable of being extremely successful in many kinds of equestrian disciplines...  however their retraining can often be challenging! My thirty years of experience with Thoroughbreds on and off the track brought me to a new way to approaching horses.  It works wether just starting or repurposing a horse, at any time of his life and in any equestrian discipline.  We do not take anything for granted, or just explain it by saying “Horses are horses”.  First, we work by carefully assessing and fulfilling the physical and psychological needs of each individual horse as it comes to us.  Evaluating the kind of activity he did and he is going to do is an important part of the process, as well as keeping in mind the people he is going to be with.  Then we establish a spontaneous dialogue that brings a true connection with the horse's mind as it is, before asking him to learn something new.  We spend the time it takes to teach the people who will be around the horse how to use the same kind of way to communicate, so that when they go home, they would feel connected as well.  From this point the horse and his human partners are ready to take the challenge to relate to each other and enter the equestrian world with a solid support.  At times, this kind of relationship allows them to take challenges that we would not imagine being possible even with good traditional training.  Fees are discussed on an individual basis.  For inquiries about this service, please send an email to: HHSensing@icloud.com