Where real Horsemanship can take us

Human Horse Sensing is a system that establishes a relationship and a communication that allows us to do anything we wish with our horse without having to train him for it.  

Tackless Grooming 

Grooming is an interaction that can be very pleasant for a horse and build our relationship.  If we use Human Horse Sensing communication when we groom, we can do it without holding the horse and walking around his body.  The pleasant interaction inspires the horse to listen to our gestures and move where we need him to stand in order to groom him.

Riding & Drinking a glass of Champagne?

Yes, if you ride a Mangalarga Marchador!

The way a horse moves is naturally related to his genetics and many gaited breeds can be smooth, but need a flat and even ground.  The Mangalarga Marchador is a naturally gaited horse that was developed to travel on mountains and very difficult terrains.  The gait of this breed is so stable and smooth that we can ride holding a full glass and do all sort of fun movements without spilling.

Human Horse Sensing Horsemanship is a system for communicating with the horse while riding or working from the ground through a dynamic dialogue based on a language common to man and horse that allows us to manage what we do as it happens, without being limited by the rigid boundaries of conditioned training.