HH SENSING RIDING A HORSE FOR THE FIRST TIME This video is about how we work in starting a horse under saddle

A HORSE TRAINER'S DAY AT HH SENSING Spending a day training is a normal thing for me, doing it while Angela Santos, an army photographer, is watching me through her camera lens was a very enlightening  experience. She captured images that I did not even dream existed, watching her pictures gave me awareness of many aspects of what I do that I could not see with my eyes without going through this experience. I will forever be grateful to Angela for this  beautiful gift.

HH SENSING LIBERTY At HH Sensing one of our principles is RELATE LEAD WORK. Have you ever thought about being able to communicate with a horse as immediately as you do with your friends? Have you ever wonderedabout what really happens when horses and human beings openly meet?Consider the possibility of a new approach to an old topic. This approach is for horse owners, riders, breeders, amateurs and professionals, or just anyone who is interested in horses.  Come and learn about how horses live, think, learn, communicate and play, from their point of view, a dimension still widely unexplored in traditional horsemanship.  The purpose is to build a solid foundation for the relationship between human and horse, and put it in practice in any situation we find ourselves interacting with horses on the ground or in the saddle, with and without tack.. HH Sensing is designed to highlight the roots of equine behavior, their social relationships and how to communicate with horses by choosing the most appropriate action and context that horses understand.  Going through spontaneous interactions rather than through trained behavior, makes it possible to establish an immediate connection to the horse. Just a part of the work is accomplished in the classroom, the rest of the story is going to be up to you and your horse.

HH SENSING AT SUNRISE WITH DOWNTOWN ROSALIE This is  a moment of playtime  that was captured by a friend and that turned out to be definitely worth remembering. A horsemanship moment like this can be spontaneous but not just happen by accident, there is a language that flows between human and horse, and HH Sensing can teach anyone how to have a similar experience.

DOWNTOWN ROSALIE HAVING FUN AT EQUINE AFFAIRE 2011 Taking Downtown Rosalie to Equine Affaire last year was a milestone in her life. it was going back to the track, after leaving behind her past as a racehorse. She took part in our presentation about Racehorse Retraining on the first day, then in the evening saw with me the Extreme Cowboy Race, behaving like a perfect horse. The following morning we woke up early and watched while the staff was preparing the arenas for the events. Someone had left a ball out and we played soccer together having a lot of fun.

RACEHORSE RESCUE FROM THE GROUND UP This video was taken during a clinic we gave when I was first working with Rosalie. It illustrates how to transform a racehorse into a trusted partner. After working with thoroughbreds for almost thirty years, on and off the track, when it comes to retraining, I approach them by fulfilling their physical and psychological needs. Before I start training them for a new purpose, I  build a relationship and a common language, giving them a solid foundation to receive the future training willingly and open minded.

ALLEGRIA DE LOS CIELOS Allegria de Los Cielos is a five year old Mangalarga Marchador mare in the beginning stages of her training under saddle, This was our first time working together, that shows very clearly the mind of this breed. They can be lively, wild and natural and they can shift their energy level to being willing and cooperative in a heartbeat! 

MARCHA BATIDA IN THE MANGALARGA MARCHADOR A demonstration of the Batida gait at Rancho de Los Cielos, breeder of Mangalarga Marchadores in Riverside Ca

BEGINNING LIBERTY TRAINING WITH ZORRO DE LOS CIELOS part 1 Zorro de Los Cielos is a Mangalarga Marchador stallion from Rancho de Los Cielos, Riverside CA. This was our first session on Liberty Training.

BEGINNING LIBERTY TRAINING WITH ZORRO DE LOS CIELOS part 2 Zorro de Los Cielos is a Mangalarga Marchador stallion from Rancho de Los Cielos, Riverside CA. This was our second session on Liberty Training.

BEGINNING LIBERTY TRAINING WITH ZORRO DE LOS CIELOS part 3 Zorro de Los Cielos is a Mangalarga Marchador stallion from Rancho de Los Cielos, Riverside CA. This was our third session on Liberty Training.

KACHINA DE LOS CIELOS Kachina de Los Cielos is a Mangalarga Marchador / Mustang mare foaled on April 7th 2007 at Rancho de Los Cielos, Riverside 

ALLEGRIA DE LOS CIELOS Allegria de Los Cielos and I are taking a journey through different disciplines, relying on horsemanship built with HH Sensing, and taking any challenge we can, to measure how we can understand each other and succeed at what we do.

BEGINNING TO LONGE A 22 MONTH OLD FILLY "Starting horses" is a matter of horsemanship, doing it with HH Sensing allows for both human and horse a great experience on which we can build our future.

The video features the first few moments of the introduction of Aria de Los Cielos to the herd of mares at the Rancho de Los Cielos, in Riverside CA.       Introducing a new horse to a herd is a very important task, it will affect the horse's future life. How many of you can understand the silent dialogues and learn how to behave in a way that horses will be able to relate with you? Taking this challenge will transform your horsemanship into a lifelong friendship with your horse.

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