Courses Description

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No matter what you wish to do with your horse… 

understand that:

the way your horse feels about you, 

the time you spend together, 

and how he feels about himself when he is with you, 

could be the key to success in your journey. 

HH Sensing Clinic

This is a clinic that normally lasts two to three days, designed to teach the HH Sensing approach to communication between human and horse. Participation does not require you to bring your own horse, but this is an option. Anyone who wishes to host such event in a public or private setting, or even a short presentation about it, should contact us. 

Horse Training ten session course (available in Italian and English) online or onsite (in San Diego County)

A course designed to teach the elements of horse training. It is accomplished by learning how horses relate with other individuals and applying it while working with them in any circumstance. Classes are limited to 14 participants that meet for 10 one hour sessions held online or onsite. For dates, or to book a course  you may email us at or contact us by phone. The registration is considered complete after we receive your payment, which is $1000 for the entire course. 

Horse Training session

Just like our ten session course, an individual session is designed to teach the elements of horse training. This format can target existing problems, or serve as an introductory experience to sample our training methods. The student is welcome to bring his own horse or to use one of ours. The cost for each session is $100. If you wil be bringing your horse there will be a trailer in fee of $10  or a boarding fee of $25, depending upon your needs or wants.

Horsemanship Coaching and Training 

Individual and group programs tailored to your needs and available on request for adults and for children. For inquiries about training and coaching, please contact us by phone or send an email to:

Human to Racehorse

A program designed to assist owners in retraining ex-racehorses into well behaved companions, suited for any equestrian discipline.  You will learn methods to interact with your horse in a way that allows them to leave their track memories behind them. For inquiries about this course, please send an email to:

Horsemanship with young horses

This course is intended to help owners who have young horses in starting their relationship with human beings in the best possible way. These young horses will be our riding partners in a not so far future, and their mind is very important for this purpose, so taking care of having a good communication when they are still young is a great head start.

Coaching for endurance and dressage

We provide coaching to individuals interested in traning and competing in endurance and dressage, with their own horse or by leasing one from us. Fees for this format are discussed on an individual basis.

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