Alessandra Deerinck

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Alessandra Deerinck is a horse trainer, a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, an ex amateur jockey and the mother of three children. 

She was not “born with horses”, rather pulled them in her life because she always felt drawn to them like a magnet is drawn to metal. Born in Milan, Italy, in 1964, she speaks fluently Italian and English and graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine of the Università di Milano, Italy.  

From her experience with horses and her degree in Veterinary Medicine Alessandra Deerinck developed HH Sensing. This is a way to communicate with the horse that does not need any preexixting training, is carried out working without tack, based on the knowledge of human and horse behavior in social interactions. HH Sensing brings immediate understanding between human beings and their horse partners and is designed to be a support (not a substitute) for all the other equestrian disciplines.

Alessandra has ridden in various equestrian disciplines (jumping, racing, endurance and dressage) and is currently competing in endurance. As Alessandra Micheloni she spent about twelve years riding racehorses at S. Siro Racetrack, and competing in flat races as an amateur in Italy.

As a free lance,  Alessandra has written and illustrated articles for several equestrian magazines and newspapers in Italy and in the U.S.. In 1994 she moved to  California, where she lives in San Marcos with her husband and their three children.  Racehorses, especially the thoroughbreds, still have a special place in Alessandra’s life. Now she is dedicated to better their lifestyle at the track as well as rehabilitate them after the racing carrier ends so they could be trustworthy partners for those who decide to adopt them and is working on a book about it. 

Her heart is set on continue to work to better the relationship  and communication between horses and human beings.

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