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Registrations are opened for any of our courses. 

Contact +1 760 715 1554 or  or email HHSensing@me.com 

for information or to register.

Let us take you deeper than traditional training, and show you how to understand, learn, and play from your horse's perspective.

At Human Horse Sensing we live by our words, offering instruction about horse training, and taking horses in training from starting to competing and retraining. What sets us apart from traditional horsemanship is the confidence and attitude that human and horse assume after working with us.

 As a rider, veterinarian and trainer I rode in flat racing, jumping, dressage, endurance and parades, working with thousands of horses, who inspired me to formulate a method through which human and horses work together without force and fear.

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Give form to every feeling, expression to every thought, reality to every dream.

What I love most about my job is when people have their “aha” moment and then make Human Horse Sensing their own, and discover how easy it is to relate to horses.

Many tell me they become able to communicate like they were their horse’s best friends, even in difficult tasks and never want to leave this space.


HUMAN HORSE SENSING 2 week course in San Diego CA

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 -our new HH Sensing Online Course…   courses are available in English and Italian. Limited to 14 participants in each class)

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Having a true relationship with a horse gives no limits to what you can do together!

Go from the ground to your horse's back or saddle


go work with the cowboys

race on the track or the trail, 


trust your horse to teach a child how to ride and be with horses! 

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