Let us take you deeper than traditional training, and show you how to understand, learn, and play from your horse's perspective.

At Human Horse Sensing we live by our words, offering horse training, and instruction about our approach to communicate with a horse.  What sets us apart from traditional horsemanship is the confidence, attitude and successful results that owners and horses achieve after working with us.  As a rider, veterinarian and trainer I rode in flat racing, jumping, dressage, endurance and parades, working with many horses, who inspired me to formulate a method through which human and horses work together without force and fear.

When you work with your horse don’t guess, lead!

Human Horse Sensing is dedicated to enhance horsemanship potential to always support the interaction between human and horse, keeping their wellbeing in mind.  Our horsemanship method can be taught on site or through online sessions.  It can be at our location or anywhere you desire.  

With a Human Horse Sensing solid horsemanship foundation, you can be successful in any equestrian discipline and can confidently take on challenges that traditional training would not prepare you for.  

With Human Horse Sensing, people and horses work together in a cooperative, way with or without tack, through how they perceive situations.  You establish an active, dynamic and spontaneous dialogue, where you can exchange information or execute without being submissive, and you can become a leader of leaders.

If this sounds like how you would like your horsemanship to be, please contact us!

Picture yourself doing any of these with your horse…

Traditional Dressage

Working with Cowboys

Working with Cowboys

Conquering the unknown

Riding without tack

Safety & Confidence

We are pleased to announce that our book is for sale on Amazon in English.

You can find it here.

The Italian language edition is published by Equitare.  You can find it here.