Sticky & Slippery stuff

  • Permatex #2 Form-a-gasket #80011 (use ?)
  • Alex Latex Caulk (used to seal antennae mounts, to avoid any silicone near painted surfaces)
  • 3M Fire Barrier Silicone Sealant (used for firewall sealing)
  • Permatex Aluminum Anti-Seize Lubricant #80078 or #81343 (for many things in the engine, used heavily during Lycoming rebuild school)
  • Zap Z-43 Thread Locker Blue or Loctite Blue 242 (temporary thread locker)
  • Pro Lok Thread Locker Red or Loctite Red 271 (permanent thread locker)
  • Permatex Ultra Blue RTV Silicone Gasket maker (used inside the rudder)
  • Permatex Thread Sealant with PTFE #80632 (used on NPT threads on brake pedals (never use Teflon tape!))
  • Aeroshell 6 grease (used as a general grease)
  • Permatex Ultra Black#24105 (used to seal coil pack cover plates and throttle body)
  • Locktite 518 Gasket sealer (used to prep the gasket between Aux Alternator and engine)
  • Mouse Milk (used in exhaust pipe joints)

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