The internal paint consists of several finishes each chosen for aesthetics and logistics.

White was used to assist in inspection and utility in the front baggage area, under the panel, and the storage area behind the rear seat, and consists of Limco Supreme Urethane Single Stage paint.  The color code is WHITE5, Stock# 868077.

Gray was in the main cockpit to reduce internal reflections and glare, and consists of Rust-Oleum Forged Hammered  paint.  Some Rust-Oleum Forge Hammered black was also used for the top rail.

The internal primer used is AkzoNobel Fluid Resistant Epoxy Primer.  463-12-8 Base, Component A and CA-116 Curing Solution, Component B and has a color code of DN9295 Green 718269.

The roll bars, instrument panel, switch panel, and panel top have been powder coated in a flat black.

The internal Carbon Fiber material on the inside of the canopy skirt, and the two front side plates is Wasp-3K, 12x18 Carbon Fiber from Fibre Glast.

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