Replacing Final Fuel filter  /  FlyEFII FF-1 (10 micron)

All of this can be done without removing the EFII ECUs.  If the front shelf is removed for maintenance, this can be done through the baggage hatch.  Otherwise it can be done from under the panel.

Using an 11/16” open end wrench, loosen blue nut near filter on front ell by one quarter turn.  Then completely loosen the other nut on the ell.  Next, remove the end of the stainless fitting on the aft end of the filter, and move to the side.  At this point, the filter is only held in by the adel clamp.  This can be loosened with a 3/8” socket on the nut securing the bottom of the adel clamp.  Slide the filter forward, and remove entire unit, including the ell.  Replace the filter, and slide back into the adel clamp.  Carefully attach and tighten the rear stainless fitting first, taking care not to cross thread it, followed by the side wall fitting of the ell, and finally the last fitting of the ell.

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