Vans RV-8 (Serial# 83402)  Pyretic

180hp Lycoming  IO-360, with dual Vetterman exhaust

Electronic ignition and fuel injection

All glass panel with dual Dynon Skyview displays

VP-X Electronic Circuit Breakers

2-axis Auto Pilot

Aveo Ziptip Lighting

FAA Registration: N84CX   ICAO Aircraft Address Code 52676710


Fuel: Avgas 100LL Only.  100 and 100VLL also acceptable, as is EN228 Super Plus Automotive fuel.

Oil: SAE15W50 SAEJ1899 or MIL-L-22851 Ashless Dispersant Grades

Oil Filter: ?

Brake Fluid: MIL-H83282 (replaces MIL-H5606)

Spark Plugs: Champion 1182-E7 (Lycoming) or ? (EFII)

Pre Fuel filter: FlyEFII FF-2 (90 micron) or Flow EZY 3-AN6-74 (74 micron)

Final Fuel filter: FlyEFII FF-1 (10 micron)

 Key Project Milestones 

Project began on 12/2013

Engine arrived on 3/2/2018

Move to hangar on ?

Certified as Aircraft on ?

First flight on ?

Phase 1 completion on ?

 Skyview Quick Hints 

Hold 1: Shutdown or Turn On (Page 1-2)

Press 1,2,5: Reboot Skyview (Page 3-7)

Press 2,7: Screenshot (Page 20-1)

Press 7,8: Enter Setup (Page 1-3)

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